April 6, 2007

I worked on my NET project Friday night and went out with Officers Ron Jersey and Jessi Pizarro again. It was a long night that started slow and ended with Ron and Jessi making an arrest and getting a hand gun off the streets. It was their second seized gun in one week. Following a police shootout on Thursday night on Stratford Avenue, we returned to the area and the team began to aggressively seek out any more potential trouble. In brief, eagle-eyed Ron sighted a potential drug deal, a short foot chase began, and one of the two suspects threw a handgun during the chase. Below are a few edits from the night. (Click on them to enlarge.)

8:20:28 PM: Officer Ron Jersey sits in an abandoned apartment in a housing projects complex during a drug surveillance mission.

9:16:50 PM: Ron and Jessi handcuff one of two suspects following a foot chase after a suspected drug deal.

9:28:42 PM: A handgun is found and recovered near a car along a driveway behind an apartment building.

9:49:02 PM: To protect the identity of a witness, police use bright spot lights to blind the suspect as the witness views from a police cruiser. The witness confirmed that the suspect, a 16-year-old male, was previously in possession of the recovered handgun.


Gypsy Diva said...

Oh so this is what you were doing that you couldn't call me on my birthday!

runawayid said...

Oh these shots are stunning - nice lighting! ... as usual.