March 22, 2008






March 22, 2008

Here are a few images from the 2008 NYC Pillow Fight at Union Square.

March 20, 2008

Alex and I hit the road for five days and traveled to Pennsylvania and NYC. Below are a few images from rural Pennsylvania, where we mostly photographed abandoned houses and small mining towns.

March 16, 2008

I went to the New York Times for a journalism seminar on Friday and then visited friends on Saturday and Sunday. To all who I didn't get to see, I'll be back soon....

Josh with chopsticks in Brooklyn

Me in Hob(r)oken

Whitney in Central Park

March 8, 2008

Whitney and her red scarf

March 3, 2008

After work, I drove up to Hartford to shoot the UConn/Rutgers game for the Connecticut Post. It felt like old I never even left...familiar faces, early deadlines, token trophy shot for A1...

What was different was the gear I was shooting with. I will never again shoot sports with the Canon 5d. I love the quality, but the shutter lag and fps were brutally frustrating.